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Water Resources
Retaining Walls

 Environmental Projects
Wilson Packing Plant

Wilson Packing Plant
Omaha, Nebraska

  Thiele Geotech, Inc. conducted Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) and completed a geotechnical exploration study for the Wilson Packing Plant redevelopment located near 27th & Y Street in Omaha, Nebraska.  The project involved redeveloping the existing Wilson Packing Plant site into an industrial park.  The purpose of the Phase II ESA was to address environmental concerns related to potential petroleum hydrocarbon releases from above ground storage tank (AST) systems and other waste issues onsite.  Completion for the redevelopment occurred in 2003.
PCS Nitrogen

PCS Nitrogen Fertlizer LP
LaPlatte, Nebraska

  The full environmental services management of this project conducted by Thiele Geotech, Inc and Dennis Anderson included a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA), Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA), RBCA Tier 1 assessments, soil remediation, UST investigation/ closure, ground water investigation of a former industrial landfill site, and landfill development.  The PCS Nitrogen plant lies on an irregularly shaped parcel of land located at LaPlatte, Nebraska consisting of approximately 955 acres within the Platte River and Missouri River Valleys.  The PCS Nitrogen Plant closed in August, 1999, and ceased production operations at that time.  The plant area consists of various buildings, structures, and industrial equipment associated with the production and storage of nitrogen based agricultural products and fertilizers.
13478 Chandler Road
Omaha, Nebraska 68138-3716
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3405 SE Crossroads Drive, Suite C
Grimes, Iowa 50111
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